Reopening Thank You

Thank you.

Two words that mean so much!

I personally want to thank those of you who are respecting our guidelines. The masks, the waivers, the check in process, the 6ft distancing and tipping technicians directly vs cash back or using the Venmo App.

This new norm is challenging for us all but your support has made coming back a little easier. As the owner I have done what ever I could to make my staff and clients feel safe. Now my staff wants you to reap those rewards. I know my staff is doing their best to try to make you feel at comfortable and at home.

They have been working so hard to accommodate you. It’s working!!!

I love hearing the comments from the clients regarding how great they feel after their services. Trust me- we missed you as much as you missed us. Our career is so valuable in so many ways. I do know so many of you have been patiently waiting for us to open and we truly appreciated your loyalty and understanding .

At the time we were mandated to close we were in the midst of getting a new, much needed, canopy sign. As we approached reopening, we were able to get it finalized and we are so grateful to the city for approving our variance. We may be a “hidden gem” in Fairview but we want you to be able to find us. The larger sign will be a great help in this challenging time. It was so nice to come back on a positive note.

I hope everyone can find peace within these upcoming summer months to enjoy “life” . It may not be “normal” but it is precious!

Please continue the safety measures and know that we are still vulnerable.