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Massage Room



CHAIR MASSAGE A great introduction to massage therapy, or perfect for someone who wants to quickly de-stress. While staying fully clothed, you will be seated in a special chair designed for massage therapy. Specific areas such as the back, neck, and shoulders are focal points for this type of massage. $1.00 per minute.

RELAXATION MASSAGE Take a break from your hectic lifestyle and pamper yourself, while one of our Massage Therapists melts your cares away! This smooth and gentle style of massage is used to provide overall relaxation, and for minor relief of muscle pain. You will leave the spa feeling relaxed, de-stressed, and floating.

DEEP TISSUE /SPORT MASSAGE If your lifestyle involves sports, you suffer from chronic pain, or are deeply stressed, this is the massage for you. Your Massage Therapist uses a deeper pressure to relieve muscle tension and knots, while targeting specific problem areas for a therapeutic experience.

EUROPEAN HOT STONE THERAPY European Stone therapy incorporates heated stones into the massage providing a concentrated, continuous, and natural therapy. This massage increases relief to muscles and improves detoxification. European Stone Therapy transforms massage therapy beyond the expected.

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY The entire body is mapped out onto the feet, and trigger points are used to stimulate different areas of the body providing complete relaxation. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this therapeutic foot massage.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE A specialized massage given to the expectant mother after her first trimester. This type of massage is performed by a trained therapist resulting in an overall relaxing experience.