Fairview Park – A Great Place to Grow


This statement has been true for me personally, as a resident; my girls were born and raised here. This has also been for me, as a business woman, owning and operating Options Salon and Spa for the past 20 years in Fairview Park. I must say, I have found our city’s motto to be true, “Fairview Park is indeed a great place to grow”.

As most of you know Options Salon and Spa had planned to move our location. Although the move would have been just minutes down the road, it would have taken us out of Fairview. We have now determined that it would be best for us, the community, and especially for out clients, both residents and from surrounding areas, if we stay right were we are…in Fairview Park. We are excited to let you know that the move will NOT be happening after all!!! We happily share this good news with you since the final decision has been made. Options Salon and Spa will continue to be located at 21689 Lorain RD, Fairview Park, OH.